Hair We Love Salon offers many different waxing treatments. Please feel free to browse from the offers shown below or contact Taylor Celentano at (585) 678-4466 for special consultations. We hope to see you soon!

Chin Wax ($10)

Lip Wax ($10)

Nostrils ($10)

Sideburns ($10)

Eyelash/Brow Tinting ($12)

Brow Wax ($15)

Ear Wax ($20)

Half Arm Wax ($20)

Under Arm Wax ($20)

Bikini Wax ($25)

Full Arm Wax ($30)

Half Leg Wax ($30)

Back Wax ($35)

Chest Wax ($35)

Full Facial Wax ($45)

Includes an Eye, Lip, Chin, Side, and Nose waxing!

Full Leg Wax($45)

Full Brazilian Wax ($52)