Tis the Season to be Fabulous!

Everyone wants to feel fabulous on any occasion; whether It’s a romantic dinner for two, a birthday party, night out on the town, little black dress event, Wedding, reunion and so on… We do it all and you can too!

Here is a secret to a simple updo that you can do at home!

1. – First, you will need 1 box of bobby pins (blonde, brown or black to match your hair type)

2. – Second, section your hair in 4 sections, 2 in the front and 2 in the back after you have separated the strands of hair. Section off the back of the hair in 3 different rows; one on the bottom of the neck, a second in the middle of the crown and the third at the top of the head. Tie in a black or colored rubberband to your hair. (braid, if desired)

3. – Lastly, this is where your bobby pins come in to good use. Use your imagination and get creative with this! Take your bobbypin and put them onto the end of your strand of hair you think it should go in and twist, turn, and braid it in the hair until you have the look you want to achieve!

Its simple and if u just want to take the easy route, just come on in to see us! Here are a few of our lovely clients who wanted to look fabulous as well!

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